Private dining is beginning to become more popular as time goes on especially if you have the money to rent out a private room at a restaurant. This is mainly for people who are holding an event or work dinner that do not want to be in a public setting or simply don’t want to be around too many people, but only those they are attending dinner with. Private dining is a great thing to do for many as you don’t have to worry about people constantly walking by your table while you are eating or be around someone who may be constantly coughing.

Stories Fine Dining

This Is a wonderful place for fine dining especially with the private rooms they have. It is a delicious, classy, vegetarian-friendly bistro that has an exceptional menu, with a wide variety of dishes and desserts to choose from.


Gio is a great place with amazing dish choices for anyone. They have beautiful private rooms that isolate you away from anyone in the regular dining room, making it perfect for any event or dinner you may be attending or planning.

Chives Canadian Bistro

Chives is a great place to host many events among their various private rooms. It is a very popular restaurant in the Maritimes which makes it a favourite for anyone who goes there to eat.

Da Maurizio Dining Room

This is a very popular Italian, vegan and vegetarian bistro that many people enjoy because of the amazing dishes they make there. It is a very reasonably priced place, especially if renting a private room for any special occasion.

Elements on Hollis

A great place to rent out a private room for any occasion. They also offer an option to have your very own buffet in your private dining room and who wouldn’t want to have that for just their table.