Many Nova Scotia bistros will have some similar items but other dishes may vary based on where you are located in the Maritimes. That being said, they all do have some differences among each other which makes them their own unique type of bistro. So here are some great menu choices from various bistros that are to die for.

Cobb Salad (Elle’s Bistro)

This cobb salad is a great choice for any salad lover who is looking for a huge portion-sized dish. This salad is also great for anyone who is on a keto diet as it all goes together and does not threaten you breaking ketosis. For only ten dollars and ninety-five cents, the price is more than right for this large and delicious salad. It contains bacon, tomatoes, avocados, chicken and blue cheese to make anyone fall in love at first bite.

Hazelnut Crusted Salmon (Black Spoon)

This is a dish for any fish lover, especially any salmon lover. It is a salmon filet that is pan-fried, followed up by being crusted with hazelnuts then finally served with maple glaze to top it all off. The name and how it is served just leaves anyone’s mouth-watering, this dish is definitely a top tier menu choice.

Smoked Pork Chop (2 Doors Down)

This delicious pork chop is smoked to perfection and served with a sweet sauce on top, paired with deep-fried mac ‘n cheese. It is no wonder this dish is among many as their favourite entree.

The Brunch Club (Mappatura Bistro)

This is every brunch lover’s dream, all combined into one. The brunch club consists of crispy fried chicken, fried egg, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon with pesto aioli sauce paired with either green goddess salad or home fries. Leaving you full and satisfied after indulging in this spectacular brunch meal.