Everyone has a sweet tooth, especially for desserts. Nova Scotia has very many unique desserts that many people have heard of and have been wanting to try ever since they have either seen a picture or heard the name of said dessert. So here are a few great desserts you should most definitely try if you either live in Nova Scotia or are planning on making a visit to the Maritimes.

Cheesecake Au Citron (Bistro Le Coq)

This dessert is destined for any cheesecake lover to try. It is an European style, lemon curd, white chocolate cheesecake topped with raspberry coulis tying it in altogether. This dish will have your taste buds tingling and leaving you to want to order more. It is also a great dessert to enjoy while playing your favourite games at Mummys gold which has a lot of slot games with sweet themes.

Valley Apple Crumble (Le Bistro By Liz)

This is a fantastic dessert for those who are big apple lovers, especially lovers of apple crumble. The valley apple crumble consists of fresh valley apples that are then baked with oats, a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg and finally served with a delicious side of french vanilla ice cream. The ice cream pairs perfectly with this dessert plus you can not have a warm apple crumble without a side of ice cream to amplify the taste of both.

Lemon Tart (Mappatura Bistro)

A dessert destined for any tart lovers out there. This lemon tart consists of lemon curd with berry cream and finally paired with meringue. Leaving your taste buds super satisfied, this tart is a must amongst many who have always had a major sweet tooth for tarts especially lemon tarts. This is a great light dessert to enjoy after eating a very filling meal. Once you read the name, it will be very hard to pass it up.