The Split Crow is among the top ten oldest restaurants in Canada. It was opened in the mid-seventeen hundreds by a man named John Shippey and was originally named The Spread Eagle, but not long after it was in business people started to refer to it as The Split Crow.


The Split Crow was very popular at this time, becoming like a second home to vatious groups, such as common travellers, mariners and sailors. It was a great place for people to unwind, relax and enjoy various types of food served in big portions. A very comfortable place for people to catch up with old friends or even make new ones, with entertainment every night courtesy of the ladies. Of course, who could forget about the booze, as the owner John Shippey was the very first person in Nova Scotia to obtain a liquor license. With many consuming alcohol, it is not a shock to anyone that many fights occured, even resulting in a murder which was the first of its kind to take place in Nova Scotia and just so happened to be at The Split Crow.


Today, The Split Crow is not currently at its original location like in the seventeen hundreds, but it is at many different and more popular locations as it has branched out across all of beautiful Nova Scotia. Although with new locations, it still remains the same old Split Crow, continuing on the original tradition of serving heaping amounts of food, with big glasses of grog and who could forget about the warming music. They still serve various amounts of mariners of course and who could forget about the travelers, that when arriving to Nova Scotia, they always make sure The Split Crow is a main destination to stop in at.