Small bistros are an excellent place for one to relax, enjoy a nice calm setting, catch up on some work and have a nice meal or coffee. They are a great setting for anyone who is looking to get away from the busy world and have some me-time. Nova Scotia bistros are especially nice as you get to enjoy the things only the Maritimes has to offer, like the food and scenery. Each of the following provides some distinct advantages to eating there.

Le Bistro By Liz

This Nova Scotia bistro is a great place to enjoy a great french type bistro setting. They provide tasty french dishes, drinks and offer live music on some nights as well. If not wanting to experience live music and more or wanting a place just to relax, catch up on some work and enjoy a nice meal, then it is definitely a place to check out.

Chives Canadian Bistro

This is a bistro where if you want to relax and unwind in a calm, beautiful setting is a place to check out, especially to enjoy a glass of wine or beer. There are some who like to go online and enjoy some casino action like that which vegas palms free slots has to offer. Chives is a wonderful bistro that has a warm setting that is also in a historic building giving it wonderful character with many different menus depending on the season and, of course, microbrews.

Elle’s Bistro

This is a small bistro more on the cozy size where you can enjoy a great breakfast or brunch followed up by coffee. It is a great place for anyone who does not want to be around many people and possibly just wants to have a quiet setting to get something done.

Lots of opportunities to enjoy some amazing cuisine.