This website is about good bistros that are located in the Maritimes that offer exceptional great tasting dishes, desserts, private dining rooms for any occasion or event.

Oldest Bistro

It consists of various things regarding bistros located in Nova Scotia with one of the oldest bistros, the Split Crow, which was the first bistro in Nova Scotia to obtain a liquor license back in the late 1700s. Nova Scotia is known for some very famous dishes that you will not be able to find or get anywhere else but in the Maritimes. With some fantastic menu choices whenever eating in Nova Scotia, your taste buds will never stop tingling with all the amazing food these bistros have to offer.

They have perfect dishes for all meals of the day, including desserts, which will have your mouth just watering.

Best Bistros

There are various bistros to choose from, but five of the best ones will be listed throughout this page that you should definitely check out if you ever find yourself travelling or already living in Nova Scotia.

Private Dining

Many bistros also offer private dining rooms for many different events or special occasions, which would be perfect for sharing glorious meals with close family or friends.

These bistros provide you with a very relaxing setting, and some have a classy setting if you happen to be feeling classy at night, They conform to whatever mood or setting you may be wanting to experience when wanting to go out to eat. Many of these bistros do face challenges regarding maintaining steady customers or getting new ones, which we have discussed here in an interesting post.